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Visit Central Asia with Anur Tour

Central Asia attracted travelers by its mysteriousness, beauty and wisdom for a long time. Charmed travelers rushed to the region overcoming high mountains, hot deserts and long rivers.

But purposes of travel were different. One looked for profit selling the goods; some wanted to visit mysterious countries; other was looking for government support and so on. Many travelers, writers and artists from Europe came to Central Asia and thanks to their work here became famous. Some of them so loved the country that decided to stay and work here till his dying day.

Nowadays travelers from different countries choose Central Asia tours. It’s difficult not to like this region and everybody can find here something interesting and unusual for himself. There’re 5 different and at the same time similar countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Each country has its own charm and it’s interesting to observe the difference in culture and tradition of them. We suggest you visit 5 “stans” countries or choose only 2 or 3. Our Central Asia tours will help you to choose the most interesting destination for you. Immerse yourself in unique culture and traditions of the region.

We have been running trips to Central Asia for over 10 years and with our experienced local English speaking guides you'll gain true insight into this fascinating region.

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